Network Design & Implementation

STXTECHS manages a variety of network projects that typically require upgrading, modifying the existing design, adding additional computers or moving a portion of the network to other areas in the office. It is an important part of our formula to understand your situation and the existing layout of your LAN or network. Each site visit is documented and changed per your approval. The initial site survey documents your facility providing the existing network layout, if there is one. A preliminary proposal is submitted for review. The proposed design will always factor potential growth in your business. This is a very small cost that offers big benefits should you upgrade in the future. We want you to be comfortable with the project. After you are comfortable with this, we schedule and start the project.

Network Security

No matter how large or small your network is, network security should be your number one concern. All networks are vulnerable to hackers, blended attacks, and malicious programs without solid protection. STXTECHS can determine which products work with your network and computer processes. STXTECHS can review your network and set up multiple levels of security. We are well versed in security issues and solutions. We will insure that your software is fully updated with the latest security patches, install or test your firewall, and look for possible areas of backdoor access.